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Last week, I surveyed over 500 patients. My goal was to understand what people need and how to provide new, relevant resources that will help my community survive these challenging time.

The struggle to manage stress of the unknown is real. It is especially hard when our ability to access to healthy lifestyle spaces and resources is limited. But there are tools that will help you become more resilient.

Some people manage stress well by engaging in creative activities like making art, being with family or developing new ideas. This post will focus on very specific tools that universally build health: Breath, Mediation, Exercise and Nutrition.



Breathe and Mediation: How to stay calm during a stressful time is actually something that can be learned! Practicing mindful awareness and strengthening our peace during meditation will make a difference in our day to day experience.

Here are some other links that might be helpful:


Breathing Exercises and Techniques

Breathing Exercise App “Headspace”

Meditation :

“How to” article on meditation

Guided Meditation Instruction (ten minutes)

Meditation App: “Meditation Oasis”


In lieu of our typical group meditations at lotus, I will now offer free “virtual online meditations.” We will sit for 30 min every Wednesday and Friday at 5:30pm.  I will provide general guidelines and instruction to beginners and answer any questions. All levels of experience are welcome.

RSVP to our Group Mediation by clicking here (Free)


Exercise: Its easy to find reasons to skip a work-out. But if you want to stay healthy, you need to move. Here are some links to great free online workouts. The links below will help you find an endless selection of videos. Don’t give up! Find something that you like and that works for your body and schedule. There is something for everyone!

Gentle Yoga

Intermmediate Yoga

Mat Pilates

High intensity training


Be responsible but go outside!     Map to the Anacortes Forest Lands



  1. Stop eating sugar! Yes, it is time to just be done! Quality carbs are essential but processed sugars create tremendous stress on our body. They are also highly addictive and erratic behaviors from any addiction will make mental stress much worse. Eating some honey, coconut sugar, maple syrup or stevia is the best option for natural sweetness but try to go for 3-6 months with none at all. This will let your palette adapt. AVOID artificial sweeteners like sucralose and splenda at all costs!
  2. Eat breakfast. People are starting learn more about the benefits of intermittent fasting and restrictive eating. I fully support these practices but when you’re stressed, the biological security and hormonal balancing that comes with eating breakfast will keep you grounded. If you want to skip a meal, skip dinner!
  3. Time Restricted eating:  Limit your portions and give your body at least twelve hours of rest at night between dinner and breakfast. Research shows is that limiting eating to an 8 of even 12 hour period (and then resting your body for a 16-12 hour period) will give you all of the lasting health benefits of intermittent fasting. So, there is really no reason to skip meals. Eat between the hours of 8am-8pm or 10am -6pm. This will train your body to adapt to stress much better.
  4. Build your biome!! Most people have heard of taking pro-biotics as a healthy way to supplement our “gut flora”. Did you know that there are foods that have naturally high levels of GOOD bacteria? Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Yogurt and Kefit are the best options and should be eaten daily or weekly. There is an amazing amount of evidence that links the presence of specific bacteria to our mood. You can minimize stress by focusing on having a healthy digestive system. I am offering a free class on the why and how to for building a strong biome. See the schedule link below.

Research physician, Rhonda Patrick discussing Time Restricted Eating

Recipes that follow a Whole Foods Diet


I wrote this post quickly because I want to provide tools to my current pateints with quick access information as we move through these new and immediate pressures. Please reach out to me with any questions or if you’d like an individual consultation. I am happy to help guide you through your wellness concerns.


Virtual Consultations will be run like a typical office visit. We will do a full intake of your health history, concerns and goals. My holistic assessments will provide specific tools and guidance as well as herbal formula recommendations and treatment planning. Moxibustion is a self care tool for home use that balances the meridian system in a similar way as acupuncture. I will teach you ways to apply this at home for you and your family.




Free Online Classes are now being offered. . Please take advantage of these offerings. Access these free classes by reserving a spot on the online schedule. Your health matters!