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Understanding the Glycemic Index

Every year, there is a flood of “fad diets” that make headlines and have everyone hopping. Right now, the “Keto Diet”, “Going Paleo”, Intermittent Fasting and Plant Based Foods are becoming popular and brining our patients in with many questions about the value of adopting a new eating plan. In my onion, every prescriptive type…

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Health in Your Own Hands

Most days, you shouldn’t need an appointment! All health care providers should strive to educate patients and provide them accessible tools that promote long term, sustainable health. Essential Oils are an easy way to take toxic products out of your home and begin to use plants for hygiene and self healing. They are more than aromatherapy. They are a powerful form…

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Moxa Mission

Moxibustion is becoming a lost art. While the earliest literature on Chinese Medicine promotes Moxa as a central component of care, many providers have stopped using Moxa for their patients because it can be time consuming and messy. Western patients are also generally unfamiliar with the techniques which makes it difficult for them to understand…

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Acupuncturists Without Borders

During the summer of 2017, I travelled to Athens to share tie with the Syrian and Afghani people living in the refugee camps there. It was an incredible experience that taught me so much about the current conditions in that area and provided me an opportunity to use my tools to bring some ease to…

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